10 Reasons

10 Leading causes for making investments in Romania

  1. Entry to the market in Europe and a European Union Member.
  2. Nearness to the Black Sea area which is enlarged; an economic region with more than 100 million consumers.
  3. Huge interior market (20 million residents) and different interior economy.
  4. Continous interior energy resources: In terms of energy, Romania is extremely independent, which is exceptional in South East Europe.
  5. Human resources that are affordable, flexible and skilled.
  6. 15% fixed tax.
  7. Growth of groups in numerous industries such as IT and automotive currently recognized on European level.
  8. Massive backing method for renewable energies investments which generated a huge influx of invesment in this industry in the last 3 to 4 years.
  9. Romania investments presents clear statistics striking agricultural posibilities which however, require huge investments and a restructuring of the property style, so as to be utilized.
  10. Lowering of the worth of the assets.