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What first comes to your mind when Romania is mentioned by someone? Maybe Transylvania and Dracula, who is its popular inhabitant? Or Nicolae Ceausescu who is the communist leader who operated the contentious government? When it comes to business and investing, you might relate Romania to startup funding or startup investment as this country is undisputedly a startup hub. This will definitely tempt you to become a startup investor. For this, you will certainly require startup funds or startup venture capital.

You are free to join the world of tech where Transylvania transforms to Techsylvania and the tough background becomes a lovely present and upcoming times that are more promising. We introduce to you the developing tech scenery full of IT professionals who provide online service through IT project.
In case you are interested in an IT startup, all you need to do is to gather a startup team of IT experts who will put you on the road to success. Of utmost importance as well is startup venture fund to assist you in getting the project off the ground when embarking on startup Romania.

For a successful Romania startup, your team should consist of IT employees such as IT programmers who are well conversant with technology investment or tech investment and IT investments. This will turn you in to a startup investor or startup angel investor who is doing well!
So as to keep up with the technology which keeps becoming increasingly advanced, it is advisable to engage in online project tech investment or startup venture club so as to keep up with trends.

Romania has been recognized as among the most ideal IT firm’s destinations because of the huge group of IT graduates and experts who are skilled, offering computer startup, technology startup and online startup and reduced expenses compared to US and Western Europe. Also,  because of the  business tradition which is more emphasized and the same as for the Western Europe States and US compared to more faraway states in Asia  in terms of location and time zone to Western Europe and prevalent talents in German and English. Romania needed to become part of the two World Wars and for more than 40 years it was under communism. It is not surprising that this state is upto now in a state of healing.

Romania is possibly still far from modernisation having needed to pay for each of the years it went through limited resources and suffering. Even though Romania bears theses wounds, it becomes increasingly noted for what transpires currently in its sector for tech. Regardless of the background wounds, tech businesses come up and turn into flourishing business, not just on the local market but on a level which is worldwide or multi-national. Each day, the geeks in Romania work at developing the name of their state some more. Tech fans create new businessses, look for tech invesment, participate in business incubators, seminars and accelerators.

Are you aware that Google opted to enhance their Tango Scheme using the assistance of a firm situated in Romania? Here are other illustrations: angles in business make use of thriving chances which they make investments in,while huge global firms provide huge quantities of cash to obtain businesses whose source is Romania. Romania’s flourishing tech sector and its tech experts who specialize continously were certainly cause for Microsoft to make investments in the state in 2006. This background is the cause for the current occurences also.

Below is a sequence of similar interests in regard to investments abroad, which makes Romania a state which is in very good books with investors abroad, due to the reasons below:

IT&C Talent Quality, Tech Investment
  • More than 95,000 experts in IT & C at countrywide level.
  • Technical learning inclusive of 5 leading polytechnic universities, 174 private colleges and 59 universities which are domain-specific.
  • Each year from 2001, universities in Romania have been the leading 3 in the contest for IEEE Design.
  • Compared to any other state in Europe, Romania has more medals for Informatics as well as Math Olympiad and it falls 3rd worldwide, next to Russia (URSS) and China.
  • The quantity of engineers per capita is higher compared to India, US, Russia or China.
  • Leading 10 worldwide among the number of IT experts who are qualified.
  • Nearly 90% of IT Experts converse in English.

Romania Talent Map IT&C TALENT QUALITY:

  • Sibiu: Located in the middle of Romania close to Ramnicu, Brasov, Bucharest and Cluj provide the most ideal stance for a prospective startup; first, due to its locality and secondly due to its origins with Translyvanian Saxons and numerous connections with states which speak German such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
  • Iasi: Wonderful graduate pool when contrasted to the market demands. Not as appealing for internatinal investors compared to Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj. Candidates wish to shift more than the ones in Cluj, Bucharest, Timisoara.
  • Ramnicu Valcea; Tiny IT pool. A lot of German investments in the area.
  • Bucharest: Places more than half of employees for IT in Romania.70% of the leading 25 firms for software with the hugest earning in Romania have their hugest Romanian teams in Bucharest.
  • Brasov: Tiny IT center but sufficiently near from Bucharest as well as Sibiu to be selected as a secondary office for a firm whose headquarters are in Bucharest. Surpasses national moderate presence of German expertise.
  • Timisoara: Among the regions in Romania which are ideally developed; the certified numbers of unemployement are almost similar to the ones prior to the calamity. Was once Romania’s second IT center prior to the fast development of Cluj.



The major variation between Romanian learners and the international ones is the huge variety of state of the art technology they gain knowledge of, which increases while in college  and the huge quantity of awareness they possess at the completion of their learning.

German is among the expertise in high demand in the market. German is a requirement for around 1 in 10 job vacancies for IT; however, just 1  out of 25 IT individuals converses in English. But, with the appropriate method, hiring German speakers is feasible, particularly in Sibiu where numerous links with countries which speak German are created.

Most Desired Employers – IT Professionals & Students

Salaries & Benefits

IT experts in the state generate around five times more than the standard local income. Branspotting, a recruitment agency states that Romania’s senior software manufacturers generate around €  24,000 each year; this is around 5 to 6 times lower compared to Austria, German or Switzerland.

The growth of Romania’s IT industry is motivated through exclusion from the 16% income tax of IT workers who finalized a lengthy IT academic skills accepted by the state. IT experts would be eager to change jobs for an increase in salary of around  20%. It has been presenting the globe with top notch programmers who are any tech start-up’s lifeline. In general, despite which western state we attempt to contract Romania to, the business expenses here is certainly less.

As a center for start-up, Sibiu presents a lot of prospects such as real estate, rental expenses of office area, incomes and services like fibre internet connections of high speed ( ranks Romania fifth best globally for speed of internet connection) as well as expenses for electricity and manufacturing. The costs for conducting business in Romania is lower, than for other states, in addition to immense home developed technical skills.

The problematic background of the state and severeness of economic difficulties have led to a strong business culture of perserverance and self-independence which has created a powerful business sector, richness in technical expertise and resources and a thriving start up society. But, obstacles exist in regard to business development such as shortage of financial support  for start-up, either loan from bank or equity investment and a moderately tiny local consumer market.

Our Projects

In regard to our IT schemes in the sector of IT, we are presently woking on the business concept, funding and team for a mobile apps reskining service, a streaming platform for lessons of expert activities carried out on the computer in real time (programming, design, etc) with funding techniques for streamers. Our major scheme; among the hugest online shop focusing on European clients full of items from China.

In case you have experienced these online services and you possess vital data and guidelines, or if you are keen in monetary cooperation with one of the startups, it would be a pleasure for us to work jointly. Keeping in mind the particular skills of programmers in Hermannstadt, Sibiu and Siebenburgen and the reduced cost they need for their expert, top quality work and a potential association with you, we wish to launch an innovative product which is more superior, to his rivals.

For more details do not hesitate to contact us.

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