Why Romania

invest in Romania

In the years that have gone by, Romania became perfect as far as foreign investors were concerned due to many investment opportunities presented by equity investment, private investment and private equity investment. They had interest to invest in Romania due to powerful prospects of sales market, with ideal investment opportunities in Romania because of a number of benefits such as start-up funding. The main investments were offered from venture capital and hedge funds due to numerous advantages Romania benefits from:


In East and Central Europe, Romania is among the hugest sales market which is divided by three vital corridors of trans-European; Corridor 4 links Western and Eastern Europe, Corridor 9 links the continent’s North and South and Corridor 7 enables interior movement in Europe. Romania has 21 million residents and offers the entry to European Single Market.

Concerning resources

  • Skilled human resources, strong awareness of foreign languages, IT, engineering, business, farming, etc.
  • Natural resources
  • Specialized tourism


  • Member country of EU from January 2007
  • Member Country of NATO from 2004
  • Strength in South East Europe.

International relations

  • Bilateral political links to 177 countries out of 191 UN member countries.
  • European Council member as well as UN and OSCE.
  • Free trade contract with EFTA, EU, CEFTA
  • Romania is World Trade Organization’s member
  • Legal stipulations same as for EU

In the previous year, agriculture was among the areas which elicited curiosity for Romania’s foreign investors because huge biological farming sections were present; this adds to elevation of the last cost.

Simultaneously, the industry of IT (Oracle, Microsoft Romania, Endava, Amazon, BitDefender, Siveco)  as well as distribution of services (SCC Services Romania, Xerox, CapGemini,) are still the sections which are most vital because of effectively coached human resources, reduced costs for operations, Romania is the sole land devoid of workers’ income taxes in IT industry.

A lot of foreign investors are attracted to Romania industry due to:

  • Top skilled human resources with reduced expenses in comparison to states nearby.
  • Working for 40 hours each week.
  • Benefits (most firms created in Romania have clients from abroad).
  • Reduced costs for setting up firms
  • Reduced fiscality (6% profit tax)
  • Local sector improvement which is fast paced.