Company Info

romania investments“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.”

Our company offers:

  • Investments in Romania in Renewable Energy
  • Investments for startups in IT&C field
  • Investments in Romania in Real Estate
  • Various Investment Opportunities in Romania

Real Estate

With the experience of 8 years in real estate and brokerage of industrial estate for the industry in Romania, we know the needs of our customers. Romania Investments is one of the leading industrial estate agency for commercial use in Romania.
In terms of real estate, we have an overview of free, attractive business locations and favorable sales offers. We arrange commercial land greenfield / brownfield locations, locations for retail, industry and warehouses, office buildings, villas for private use and company housing.

Services before purchase:

  • Checking of availability
  • Examination of ownership
  • Valuation
  • Land survey
  • Geo studies
  • Applying for current land register extracts (Extras CF)
  • Translations, legalization of documents
  • Property experts review / appraisal
  • Intermediation of German/ German speaking experts (notaries, architects, etc.)
  • Counseling and preparation of necessary documents (purchase agreement, etc.)

Romania investments: services after sale:

  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Application for permits
  • Re-designation of land
  • Rounding of land
  • Intermediation of contractors, installers and facility managers, construction.
  • Site Management

Why should you invest in Romania?

There are many reasons for this; some of them are:

Romania is one the fastest growing economies in Europe and is with its approx. 23 mil. inhabitants a large sales market, not fully developed yet. Wages are relatively low compared to other european countries with comparable education.

The Western part of the country (Banat – with the capital city Timisoar; German: Temeschburg or Temeswar) was for a long time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which can be felt until today: work ethics, reliability and education level is the closest to European level in entire Romania.

Due to its location (close to the Hungarian and Serb border), Timisoara is suitable for a kind of “toe hold” for the further expansion towards East. Besides, the city has a relatively good infrastructure with rail and road connections and a stable economy.

Not least, despite to the moderate growth in the past years, the real estate market in Timisoara  – due to the international bank and economy crisis – still (or exactly now) interesting for investors, because the prices have dropped with approx. 10 – 15%, which means, that at the moment there are good opportunities for hot deals. All signs show that the situation on the real estate market calmed down so that there are good growth rates possible again.

These advantages have been recognized by a large number of investors (especially German and Austrian, but others too) and companies have established their branches and production sites here.

You should not miss this chance as well…