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Romania has a large number of opportunities in successful businesses!

Office buildings, business centers, industrial park , solutions for the implementation of your business in Romania and business ideas.

Sibiu, Timisoara, Cluj, Brasov, Bucharest have skilled human resources specialized in IT, speaking foreign languages, especially German and English.

This fact is mainly due to prestigious schools, high-schools and universities with language of education in German and English.

The advantages of investment in Sibiu, Timisoara, Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov etc. compared to Germany, Austria and other countries.

– highly skilled human resources in field of IT speaking English and  German with much lower wage demands as in the more developed countries.(wages up to 70 % lower than in Germany, Austria etc.)

– outstanding capacities of programmers in Sibiu and the low price of their professional activity are net superior concerning quality compared to Germany, Austria and other countries.

– low lease costs for office buildings compared to Germany, Austria etc.

Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture 2007, a city with high tourism potential, located in the middle of Romania, represents an excellent opportunity of intelligent investment in success businesses, due to the advantageous environment for investments in all fields. Sibiu offers a number of unique advantages in the investment sector such as:

– strategic positioning in the center of Romania

– support from the local council for foreign investments.

– a large number of opportunities due to an unexplored marked in the most fields (real estate – constructions, IT, health care, industry etc.), this being an good time for real estate investments .

– skilled human resources and low wage demands, speaking foreign languages (especially German and English)

By presenting a number of advantages of investment in Romania and establishing a business here, we come towards you with concrete solutions and proposals:

We offer our help and our local expertise in all relevant business areas, such as:

Advice and support on site in all respects for you and your business from A – Z

We cooperate with specialized and tested companies for company foundation, accounting and auditing (Ltd, etc.).

We are in contact to the relevant authorities and administrations for the necessary permits, and to the economy.

We are on your side when purchasing / renting:

– Office and stores in any location; – Warehouses for further expansion and modification to meet your needs; – City realty for the construction of retail stores, corporate offices, residential and commercial buildings, etc.; – Land in the industrial areas with good transport links for the construction of production, storage, logistics, buildings, etc.; – Agricultural land.

We have contact to reputable and reliable local architects, construction managers, construction companies (and several businesses for the individual crafts such as plumbing, electricity, gas, etc.) for new construction, conversion and expansion.

Based on our experience and attitude we are the right partner for you in Timisoara and environment. We do not speak only English – we think and act that way!


Sibiu, European Capital of Culture 2007, is a city with strong tourism potential, located in the center of Romania and, due to the advantageous business environment for investors an outstanding opportunity to invest intelligently in successful businesses of all kinds. Sibiu offers a number of unique advantages for industrial sector:

– strategic position in the middle of Romania (traffic connections to all cities of the land, ideal for transportation and logistics companies)

– support for foreign investors from the local administration.

– a number of opportunities due to an unexploited market in the most fields (real estate, construction, health care, industry etc.); thus, now is the right moment for investments in the real estate sector.

– qualified and cheap human resources  with foreign language knowledge (especially German and English)

Due to the many advantages to invest in our city, we can offer you the adequate solutions, strategies and investment consulting with projects and locations for successful businesses, based on a wide range of offers in the real estate sector and we can help you at the founding, management and support of you future business in Sibiu, the

Located on 123 Ha, wiht over 50 companies, the Industrial Park West has influenced vitally the economy of Sibiu in the past years. From a free field at the city limits, it developed to an industrial park with road network and the companies who bought plots here have expaded in relatively short time, so that in the past years investments of over 400 mil € have been made.

Among the most important companies having made investments in the Industrial Park West, are Continental, Snr-Renault Group, Rova, Karl Heinz Dietrich Gmbh, Liebherr, Haarmann Gmbh, Marquardt, Brandl, Takata, Bramac, Siemens, Rud, Harting, Phoenix Mecano, IFM Elektronik, Guhring Gmbh and many others.

“In this year there have been large real estate purchases as well, which shows once again the interests of the investors towards Sibiu. At the moment, we are in advanced discussions with a number of big companies for the purchase of real estate in the area. As soon as the investments follow and the projects are developed, this will lead to a substantial increas fo the real estate prices in the area”, says the CEO of the real estate company AS IMOB from Sibiu, Mr. Silviu Ciolacu.

“The area is very good, because Sibiu is a very good industrial location with well trained people; the location in the middle of the land is a large advantage, just like the fact that the investors already having investments in the Industrial Park West want to extend them, is a very good mark itself for the location Sibiu”, says the former Mayor of Sibiu, Klaus Johannis (the actual president of the state).

Below we present some concrete facts, showing that Sibiu and the Industrial Park West is a profitable investment in the future as well.

We can offer you different parcels with different areas according to your necessities and if you like, we can also build the locations according to your project and hand them over to you turn key. Further, we can find parcels in other parts of the country also, that fit your needs.

For more details do not hesitate to contact us.

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