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IT recruitment

Romania Investments Recruiting is among the top recruiting firms in Romania for IT recruitment, engineering recruitment and sales recruitment, with ofices in Timisoara and Sibiu. We are working in collaboration with recruitment management and scaleable outsourcing for consumers globally and are involved also in marketing recruiting and Romania outsourcing.

Romania Investments regards its clients as associates and provides excellent combined services globally. We provide our associates with specialized solutions depending on each client’s needs, such  as recruitment engineering, recruitment IT and marketing recruiting. Our active professional team is at our clients’ service in the quest for personnel, either temporary or permanent, services for moving, head-hunting and consulting as well as accomodation (long or short term). Our expert recruiting associates in Romania spend time to comprehend your firm’s objectives and personnel needs.

Our skills enable the provision of the most ideal solutions to you. Our skilled awareness is inclusive of vertical formation of hotels & restaurants, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), care of finances and clients and multilingual backing. Our expert services for recruitment have the ability to assist you in other industrial fields also.

We believe in worldwide strategic associations with our customers and we provide them quality services in order to succeed. The services we provide are unsurpassed in regard to uniqueness and expertise when it comes to search services and we believe in the maintenance of top quality services. Our clients are gaining a lot from our straightforward and international method.Comparing its IT skills and abilities, Romania is one of the best sources of expulsion in this field. Truthfulness and dignity are the basis of our lengthy interaction with our clients and candidates.

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