Residential Areas

residential areas

Investments in the residential areas
The Romanian real estate market is in a new real estate boom!

In the past three years  the demand for new apartments(residential areas) increased exponentially. This is mainly due to the program “PRIMA CASA” (First house) implemented by banks with support of the Romanian government.

This brought the real estate loans to a historical minimum (the interest rate is almost half compared to the time period between 2005 – 2010) and the advance payment of 5% of the value of the purchased property is the lowest ever for the purchase of a property.

As a consequence, the demand for new apartments increased fantastic, drawing at the same time massive investments into the residential sector, but still insufficient compared to the high demand on residential properties.

We are acting on the residential market areas in Sibiu since 2007; therefore, we can say that we know all demands of our customers without exception. At the present, 94% of the apartments in the new residential quarters are contracted by preliminary agreement before completion.

We offered consulting at the implementation, development and sale of two residential quarters in (over 500 apartments), projects with a fulminant success, becoming thus a kind of business model for other developers as well.

The second project we are participating successfully is:  – this second residential quarter shall consist of apartment buildings 22 with a total of 386 units. For this project we have at the present a preliminary contracting demand of 72 apartments one year before delivery time.

We know everything concerning the real estate market in Sibiu, as well as the demands of the buyers, and we know how to adopt and offer the best solutions and strategies for the implementation and development of residential quarters in order to be successful and profitable.

We have the necessary know-how, all means and trumps to be the perfect partner for partnerships (JV ) with investors for the development of investments in the residential sector.

For more details do not hesitate to contact us.

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